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Planning a new game, need help.

2009-05-01 01:55:52 by Near14

I am planning a new game, a beat-em-up adventure.

I am hoping that it will be enough to impress other newgrounds users, but
as soon as I started work on the graphics, I ran into a problem... I'm no good
at the style I want. I want the solid paint-brush look, though I've only ever used
the geometric shape tools, or pre-made pixel art. I can draw very well, just not
on the computer...

Another problem:

I can't write for crap, and I've got barely any storyline...

Basically, you're a teenage high school student(15 years old) and you're walkin'
home from school one day, and you dawdle like crap... "Oh crud, I gotta get home
in like 2 minutes or my mom's gonna kill me!"
You take a shortcut(or so you think)until you pass out. You wake up in a cave, covered
in water... "Holy crap, I'm in a waterfall!"

You thrash for a minute, realize your in a tiny pond, and get up and get out of it. Now
you're walkin' round, tryin' to figure where you are... and you come upon a shrine.
There's a statue of a man, with armor covering it, and it's holding a sword and shield.

That's it for now, I'll update if I get any farther.

If you can help out with graphics or writing, I'd love your help. Post a comment here, with
your position(what you can do), contact info(email, myspace possibly), and what you want
(barter for custom line-arts or sprites or musics, eh?)

Look at my game, please!

2009-03-04 19:32:52 by Near14

Yesterday, I got 630+ views. Today I posted a new version, and got less than 10 hits.

If you are reading this... check out my game!!


2009-03-03 14:42:54 by Near14

I'm bored and need a good idea for a flash movie.